Top Online Tools and Websites to Learn Animation

Graphic designers, illustrator, or anyone else even remotely involved in this business knows the importance of animation these days. It is a skill required for almost any design projects. If you want to learn animation, you are not alone. These days it is a highly required niche on the job market. Moreover, as the industry is never staying in one place, animation keeps evolving as well. It is currently used almost everywhere, from social media posts to marketing and websites’ homepages. Fortunately, there are numerous websites and online tools to teach you animation. Here are just some of them.

Animation 101

Animation 101 is a video tutorial prepared for you by a self-taught animator, Mark Diaz. The courses have both practical and theoretical parts. The program has eight steps that aim to teach you how to create animation yourself. Overall, the courses aim to explain the drawing in animation, timing, composition, and so on. They also review common mistakes and explain how to do better. These are one of the best academic helpers you can find online. The major part of the course is completely free.

Cartoon Animator 4

Whether you are a complete beginner, advanced user, or even professional, Cartoon Animator 4 will do just right for you. The software is perfect for creating 2D characters. You can choose them from an extensive database or create them yourself from scratch. It also has motion templates to make it easier for you. Overall, you can use the basic features and templates, or you can move to more advanced tools. Cartoon Animator 4 makes control over your character really easy.

Adobe Character Animator

We all know the Adobe family. Well, now they have a new member, Adobe Character Animator. This tool can help you create animated characters in no time. The program is great for beginners, as it’s rather simple and easy to learn. Also, it's actually pretty fun. You get to teach your characters about facial expression by making them copy you. All you get here is to create a puppet (a character you want), turn on a camera, and show the facial expression you want them to repeat. You can use a week trial for free. Basically, you can ask this software, “can you do my assignment cheap and when it will be delivered?

DigiCel FlipBook

For all the beginners out there, DigiCel FlipBook is one of the easiest software to make your first attempts in animation. First, it allows you to draw your own characters in the program or scans them from a paper drawing right into the software. It has a rare feature of stop motion animation, as well as the classical frame-by-frame animation. The program also provides various features, such as lipsync support. All you are left to do is to create a script for them, or order it at Papercoach, and to create a full cartoon with your drawn characters.