Kelly Aarons
[email protected]

Hi there! I’m an industry-ready 2D artist and animator, and here are some swell things I can do:

  • Proficient in use of most major media/art programs
  • 11+ years experience with Adobe Photoshop
  • 6+ years experience in Adobe Flash
  • Design, asset creation, animation
  • Well-versed in a variety of traditional media
  • Training in Classical Animation allows me to create depth and life in 2D art
  • Able to quickly convey general pose/action/mood of a character
  • Can produce a multitude of conceptual art in a short period of time
  • Years of experience with art/gaming project pipelines
  • Very organized
  • Quickly adapts to new tools and programs
  • 2+ years experience with digital painting (Photoshop; beginning Painter X)
  • Has effective communication skills
  • Years of retail and customer service experience
  • Friendly and awesome as heck
  • A totally swag gal that loves making people laugh


IUGO Mobile Entertainment

2D Artist and Asset Creator for Knights & Dragons
-Followed asset creation pipeline closely with animators to make armor sets
-Made armor for chest, guild events and other contests
-Was able to bring sets from concept to full polish while meeting deadlines
-Worked on bosses for the weekly world epic bosses
-Helped spear-head artists’ autonomy for greater freedom and exchange of ideas
-Participated in a lot of extra-curricular activities for the company, including being on the First Aid Committee and registering to be a fire warden

Ayogo Health
Concept Artist, Animator, Asset Creator
-Worked on Zwonks as a character artist and animator
-Asset and world-building artist on Monster Manor (unreleased)
-Lead artist on [currently] unreleased project; character designer, asset builder; helped create visual style for game
-Has helped out with company branding and marketing material

WoW Insider
Comic Artist and Freelance Artist
-Wrote, drew and produced WoW Insider’s hit comic Byron, the Tauren Rogue , Safe Passage , and Safe Passage:Convergence
-Worked on tight deadlines while completing other work in the meantime
-Worked closely with leads and editors

Fit Brains Online Platform
-Assisted in main visual style of nearly all 21+ games
-Lead FX animator, character designer and concept artist
-Able to accept mentorship and criticism to continuously improve the gaming experience
-Able to create working and visually appealing games within extremely short time frames
-Facebook titles include: Uber Brain Isle where I built the entire avatar system and
animated all effects in Flash, and Million Dollar Brain where I headed the look and feel of the game, as well as all necessary art assets (background, game assets, animated character)

Bardel Entertainment on YTV’s Edgar & Ellen
-Assisted in scene development for animators
-Broadcasted nation-wide as part of a children’s television segment

Studio B Productions on George of the Jungle
Animator; Revisionist
-Worked as a revisionist on previously animated scenes; began animating a month later
-Hired right out of school; told my final project was ‘proof of my hard work’
-Able to work in a creative, production-minded team with senior animators and artists
-Accepted criticism to grow and learn

Certified OFA Level 1 (Occupational First Aid) – Expires May 09, 2015
Intro to Digital Concept Art
Classical Animation
Vancouver Film School
Character Animation
Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby


World of Warcraft, Eh?
-Personal webcomic based on the World of Warcraft universe
-Released a comic a week alongside my WoW Insider work

-Weekly gaming podcast (airs live Tuesday nights 8pm PST)
-Gathers news, compiles shownotes, and helps record shows with two other co-hosts every week

-Not my own endeavour, but I am the promo artist, participant, and I help organize my friends’ Creeperthons, which are livestreamed gaming marathons where we raise money for Child’s Play charity

Class Representative for Class 63 of Classical Animation at VFS
Canadian Blood Donor since 2003

I love much in life, many of those being video games, animation, comic books, and drawing. Also, I take great enjoyment in a nice cup of tea, or some hilarious gifs on Tumblr (at home, of course).

-Anat Rabkin
-Laurel Montgomery
-Shari McConochie