Commissions info is here! Please keep in mind that all commissions are paid up-front, and are all a digital good unless otherwise specified. Please wait until paying and I will invoice you via my business PayPal account. All prices are in USD. Thanks! 🙂

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please email me at kelly.a.aarons[at]!

Sketch and  Render

A single sketched/rendered character (black & white) is $30 each; each additional character will be $15 .

Icons and Stickers

Icons for Twitter, etc, and self-contained images for stickers and the like (NOT including logos) are $25 . These are in colour.


Get a cute n’ fat version of a character! These have no background, and are $35.

Colour Illustration with NO Background

Single-character illustrations (in colour) with NO background are $60 . Additional characters are are $30 extra each.
* For fully-armored characters (like in WoW, FF XIV, etc) there will be an extra $25 charge for armor complexity, as it takes time to draw it all! Thanks for understanding!

Full Illustration WITH Background

Single-character illustrations (in colour) with a FULL background  is $90 . Additional characters are $45 extra each.

Prices will vary depending on the complexity; this is a baseline to work off of. Please send me an email if you have any questions.

Thanks again for looking! ♥