Do you want to proudly wear your character at BlizzCon? Sure you do!
BlizzCon badges are a great way to proudly show off your character (or characters!), and are a great way to recognize each other among the crowds!

When BlizzCon is announced badge season is open! I’ll be charging $65 per badge, plus $7 Priority shipping. Any extras will be in the order form and will add to your initial badge cost (mount, pet, etc). I’ll be mailing badges out this year, and you’ll get a lovely 4″x5″-ish laminated badge that’s ready to show off your Blizzard pride! Included in the price will also be the art made into a Twitter/social media avatar and a digital copy of the badge.

Order Yours Today! [OPEN!!!]

Here are all the ones I did last year!

Thank you very much and I hope to see you all at BlizzCon!